Residential inverters

We have developed single- and three-phase solar string inverters with high efficiency and maximum reliability for solar panels system. Since our grid tie solar inverter have nominal powers from 1 to 20 kilowatts, different typologies and single or dual MPPT inputs, every installer and distributor can find the efficiency inverter that suits his needs and requirements best!

Commercial Inverters

Commercial and industrial PV solar power system require high-yield PV inverters that are easy-to-install, reliable and user friendly. Therefore our 30-50K LT-G2 series string inverters inverter for solar panel are your best choice combining quality, performance, and reliability within a compact IP66 rated award winning design.

Hybrid Inverters

Hybrid and Battery Inverters is an intelligent inverter that enables the storage of excess solar energy in a battery system for self-use. Worked with batteries energy storage systems, has the features of off-grid function, grid-tie function, and micro-grid function. Through advanced technology, we are providing reliable and compatible power storage and micro grid solutions to our customers.

Residential Energy Storage System

Residential cabinet ESS compatible with most 19-inch-rack-mounted battery and battery management system(BMS). Easy to install and dispatch, working with hybrid inverter, and could be used in parallel on AC and/or DC.

PCS Inverters AC&DC Coupled

Power conversion system(PCS) energy storage device is a multi-functional AC-DC converter by offering both basic bidirectional power converters factions of PCS and several optional modules which could offer on/off grid switch and energy storage solar access. Range from 30kW to 500kW, it well fits the requirement of Battery Energy Storage in commercial and industrial applications.

Commercial&Industrial Energy Storage System

An ESS consists of Power Conditioning System (PCS), Battery Energy Storage System (BESS), Control System and Energy Management System (EMS). These sub-systems work together to regulate and optimize energy consumption, stabilize grids, and therefore improve energy efficiency. Different capacity optional for residential, commercial and industrial application.

Single phase grid tie inverter

Our single phase inverter is developed to be used in combination with a residential rooftop PV system. The inverter has a compact wall mounting and IP66 rated design, which makes it applicable. Our inverter on grid combines all aspects of our believes into a compact, award winning, IP66 rated design. With its discreet design and silent operation, the smart inverters blends seamlessly into the comforts of your family surroundings. On grid solar system price will be reduced with advanced SMA solar inverer technology. ​ With dual MPPT trackers, and the flexibility of up to 150 % PV array oversizing, your family will enjoy guaranteed energy savings for years to come.

Three phase grid tie inverter

Our 8-20K LT-G2 series three-phase inverter developed for the benchmark of the large-scale commercial, industry, and residential decentralized PV system, which demands high performance, quick installation, easy commissioning, less maintenance, and durable reliability. A wide MPP voltage range with 150% oversizing of the PV array ensures optimal energy yield and applicable flexibility in nearly every situation. With a rated 13A input current per string, it’s ideal for bifacial and large area PV modules. Compact wall mounting with IP66 rated design concrete sustainable usability against most environmental impacts. With a smart cloud-based monitoring app, it’s practical to keep tracking your PV system wherever you are.​

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